Outlandish needs to be the foot lead off with.

-T.F. Prophet

Being me is to be in constant contemplation of everything that makes sense, and to command an understanding for everything that does not… and that will all never NOT make for a great story.

-T.F. Prophet


If you’re hesitant to invest money… time… yourself into anything, or even yourself because it or you may fail; than you have already failed it or yourself… and that is why there will be failure. Stand behind yourself… especially when others don’t, you owe yourself that much.

-T.F. Prophet

The Long Haul

Just because you’re not where you think you should be yet doesn’t mean that the path agrees… it’ll get you there when it says your ready. Be patient…

T.F. Prophet


There are two reasons as to why people read, they seek either knowledge or emotion.

T.F. Prophet


‘His name is Bianchi, it literally means white. He’ll never be a king, but when he needs to be… he’ll be as strong as one’s army…’

What condemns you??

I can honestly say that my favorite part of this Wiccan story is that it exposes the truths, and the consequences, of those who pardon their own wrong doings for the simple fact that they truly believe that no one else knows, Often this happens while playing a part in the condemning of someone else for those exact same actions. Often more it is by those who, for right or wrong reason, take their own word far more seriously… and they too often take it upon themselves to act as executioners as well. Read it for yourselves later this fall in Nightmares By T.F. Prophet presents: The Power of The Mind Condemns You.

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