In darkness the devil isn’t always in the detail, sometimes it’s buried in scars so deep that the truth of the story never really gets told… and if that were true, then these would be the realities of such sadistically dark stories…


Finally I can unveil this beautiful Cover and Artwork for the first edition of Nightmares By T.F. Prophet. So much appreciation and thanks to the very talented and well respected Artist Dan Sadaba for his fantastic efforts!! Nightmares start to come to life… in just a short time!!!

Sneak peek!!

Soo excited to share with you all a sneak peek next week at the cover and some additional art work from the debut edition of Nightmares By T.F. Prophet titled ‘Ashes to Ashes’!! (Available this spring!!)

Epically Wiccan!

So very proud to announce that the script for my third edition (available closer to Christmas) ‘The Power of The Mind Condemns You’ is finally completed!! Now on to 1965 Brooklyn!

The most efficient schedule that you’ll ever commit yourself to is the understanding that what comes from your heart and your mind has no schedule.

-T.F. Prophet

You know you’re in charge of you’re game when you accidentally slice through your own thumb and all the blood inspires the scene that takes the current book you’re writing ‘The Power of The Mind Condemns You’ to that next… and incomparable level.

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